Cambridge North Folk Song Project (2020)

Cambridge North Folk Song Project is a community art project resulting in a contemporary folk song book created with residents in Cambridge North (CB4). It aims to preserve stories in an area of Cambridge that is evolving and changing. The content of the songs will be led by residents, and will include stories that capture the character of Chesterton, its history, people and places. The resulting songbook will be distributed to libraries and schools in Cambridgeshire, and available as a digital download at no cost to perform, interpret and adapt without licensing or copyright implications.

Community process, publication & online engagement: Individual and public-facing songwriting workshops with presentations by local folk musicians and Martin Carthy (MBE). Illustrations provided by Chesterton Community College. Workshops and performance at Cambridge Folk Festival (31 July-3 August), Chesterton NCI Social Club (24 October) and Cambridge Folk Club (30 October). Publication: Cloth bound hand-typeset community songbook featuring songs, guitar chords, lyrics, and illustrations. Online: Publication and audio recordings of 2-3 songs available as digital download.


Commissioned by: Brookgate and Network Rail with the assistance of Commission Projects and Chesterton Community College. 

More information coming soon.

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