R&D In Progress

EverSong is a self-led project.

The current R&D process is funded by PRS Foundation's: Composers Award, Oxford Contemporary Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama's Innovation Fund and Dave Maclean.

We are seeking funding to design and produce the physical installation. Please get in touch if you can help.

Lead artist, concept, and project leader: Emily Peasgood

AI Modelling: Mark Hanslip

Producer: Oxford Contemporary Music

Project Assistant: Jessica Clements

Vocal dataset singers: Bella Harris, Bonnie Caughlin de Maat, Caitlin Poppy Wood, Carine Bishop, Dorothy Syme, Emily Peasgood, Jacqueline Selby, Jane Orwell, Juliet Alderdice, Kitty Lyons, Meena Hay, Meredith Cloke, Nancy Syme, Rosalind Richard, Rosie Eaglen, Susan Carroll, Xantia Geens.

EMF 2024: Talk and Participatory Demonstration of Vocal Ageing and De-Ageing.

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