When We Were Young

15 August – 23 November 2023

Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, London E1

There are lines of laundy in the entrance to the archives, containing images of children in the East London back streets of the 1930s to 1950s.

White clothes and sheets from local charity shops, washing line, washing baskets, dolly pegs, clothes props, carbolic soap, wind-up HMV Gramophone, 78 records 'Rita Marlow: My Childhood Days' and Mother Goose for Jewish Children, apple crates, washing baskets and children's toys (tiddlywinks, dominoes, 'East Ham' London bus, washing machine).

Speakers by Ultrasonic Audio, custom audio player by Emily Peasgood, scent diffusers by Aroma Prime.

Source Audio: LCS23LCS62, LCS63, LCS64, LCS65, LCS69, LCS83, LCS84, LCS94, LCS95, LCS104, LCS113.

When We Were Young was curated by Tamsin Bookey and Nadia Valman and commissioned by Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, and Queen Mary University.

When We Were Young was part of the exhibition Everything Is Different, Nothing Has Changed, alongside sound works by Alastair Levy and Syma Tariq. 

Sheet printing by Puck Studio. Installation team: Theresa Smith of Mooch and Sam Slattery.

Voice actors: Alexander Ferguson, Elodie Arbiso, May Ducker-Harkins and Uthman Choudhury. 

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