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Emily Peasgood (born 1981 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire) is an Ivor Novello Composer’s Award winning composer, sound artist and visual artist. She creates research-led and site specific interactive artworks for galleries and outdoor public spaces, ranging from large-scale community events to intimate sound installations. Her work aims to transform how we perceive our environment by creating invitations to connect with people and places that are forgotten, overlooked, or surrounded by histories that can be remembered and celebrated through sound and music. Peasgood is best known for her work in outdoor public locations with specific communities of people, often utilising innovative technology and design to serve her concept and enhance visitor interaction. Her work has been described as magical  (Phentermine Pills Buy), evocative (Can I Buy Phentermine In Australia), and memorable (Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy). Peasgood’s practice is underpinned by an aesthetic belief in creating artworks that enrich people’s lives through embodying the values of accessible, inclusion and engagement. She recently completed her PhD ‘Creating accessible, inclusive and engaging artwork through experimental processes in the community’ (Canterbury Christ Church University) and holds a PGCAP Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (research and lecturing).

Portfolio (2017-2019)

Comprising PDF and MP3 file.

Phentermine 375Phentermine Tablets Buy Online



(2019) Ivor Novello Composer’s Award Nomination for Community and Educational Project – I Want To Buy Phentermine Online.

(2018) Ivor Novello Composer’s Award Nominee (prev. British Composer Award) for Sonic Art – Buy Phentermine Online Cheap.

(2017) Ivor Novello Composer’s Award Nominee (prev. British Composer Award) for Community and Educational Project – Phentermine Australia Online.

(2017) Ivor Novello Composer’s Award Nominee (prev. British Composer Award): Community and Educational Project – Can You Buy Phentermine In Stores.

(2017) Canterbury Christ Church University Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Research Prize for engaging artistic practice – Phentermine Australia Online.

(2017) Centre for Practice-Based Research in the Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University: Research Output Documentation Award – Phentermine Order Online.


Please click ‘Download’.

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