Solent Shanty Sing


Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Music Hubs

Digital songbook with audio learning resources for Key Stage 1 - Key Stage 3 school students. The full songlist includes: Sailors of the Sea (round song - trad.), Ship Ahoy (round song - trad.), Southerly Winds (round song - trad.), The Curse of Stokes Bay (Emily Peasgood, Dani Osoba and Gosport schoolchildren), The Ocean Is Blue (Emily Peasgood), Down The Solent (Mike "Gutta Percha" Sadler), Throw Out The Lifeline (Edwin Smith Ufford, 1888), A Long Time Ago (trad with update lyrics by Emily Peasgood and Sam Slattery), Shallow Brown (trad.), When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Ship (Music by Emily Peasgood, Lyrics by Emily Peasgood, Kate Lynn-Devere and Tabitha Liu), The Woolston Ferry (Mike "Gutta Percha" Sadler), To Portsmouth! (round - trad.), River Shanty (Emily Peasgood, lyrics by schoolchildren from Southampton and Isle of Wight), Fishing in The Solent (Dani Osoba and Emily Peasgood), What's That Lurking In The Water? (Music by Emily Peasgood, Lyrics by Emily Peasgood, Dani Osoba and Sam Slattery).

Solent Shanty Sing was curated, compiled, arranged, designed and sometimes composed by Emily Peasgood, with the support of musicians Dani Osoba and Sam Slattery. Many of the songs in the book were inspired by schoolchildren in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, who contributed ideas, drawings, and sometimes words.

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