Research Rangers

Victoria Park is awash with mystery and magic, in the disguise of a regular park. Only it’s not so regular, is it? Like the mystery of the missing stags. Where are they? Can you help solve their mystery? 

The stags that adorned the fountain in Victoria Park were a glorious sight to see. They were tall, muscular, and iron cast with majestic antlers like crowns reaching up to the sky. Then, without warning, they disappeared like thieves in the night. We’ve been working on this case a while and some say they were melted down during the war effort – but all we’ve got are dead ends. 

Image: Hubert Fountain with damaged stag antlers (left) at Victoria Park, circa 1950. Photographer Unknown. 

We have a hunch we can solve this mystery with a little expert knowledge. So, we’re asking any local sleuths out there to join our new group, ‘The Research Rangers’, a detective group on a mission to get the lowdown on what happened to these magnificent creatures and where they went. 

Maybe some wiseguy has been using them as a hat stand, or maybe they’re gathering moss at the bottom of your neighbour’s garden.

And what about the mystery of the park during WW1 and WW2?

Strange metallic jaggedy-things emerge from the ground. We call them anti-tank defences. But what else happened? Who was based there? What were their names? What did they do?

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many mysteries, and so little time. 

Wannabe Research Rangers must be human, 0-118 years old (bring a parent or guardian, kids) and inquisitive. Benefits of joining include training, missions and a membership card. 

If you’re game, have any theories or stories, or just want to find out whodunnit, come and meet lead investigator Pemily Easgood and her trusty sidekick Oani Dosoba at: HQ on:

Saturday 15th October 2022


At: The Community Hub, Victoria Park, Jemmett Road, Ashford, TN23 4QA. 

(The Community Hub is a wooden-clad container near the fountain). 

Come disguised as yourself, and come prepared with a notepad and pen. 

Help us in our mission to preserve and protect Victoria Park’s history for future generations! 

Just show up, or for more information:

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I have just seen your post on Facebook (Saturday evening). Could we have more details please. Our son is 15. Loves a mystery/problem solving. He’s read the info above and would like to know more. How over do you meet, where, what happens going forward? Many thanks Rebecca

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