TEDx: Emily! Don’t Do That! (2017)

When it comes to presentations that are as poignant as they are hilarious, few fit the bill as well as Emily Peasgood’s unique talk on self belief and beating the voices that hold us back from who we are’ – Tedx Folkestone.


Emily! Don’t Do That! premiered at Folkestone’s first TEDx titled Pushing the Boundaries on 13th May 2017. It explores Emily’s youth as a shy and imaginative child with had off-beat ideas. She tried to conform because people said ‘Emily! Don’t Do That!’ but on embracing her ideas found happiness and fulfilment. 





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‘Emily Peasgood […] had no problem with honesty and shared her highly personal story. Success and fulfilment came when she stopped suppressing her off-beat creative ideas that usually met with the response “Emily! Don’t do that!” Her music challenges the norm and her piece ‘Lifted’ was recently performed at the Royal Festival Hall – in the lift of course!’ – Salt Design


‘All her life [Emily] tried to fit in but found it very hard because her ideas were always considered ridiculous. Only when she had enough confidence in herself and implemented her ideas, she found happiness and appreciation. When she was little, she was very shy, very imaginative, and very inquisitive. Her ideas were welcomed with laughter and disbelief and as a result she tried to confirm. However, she found out that to be herself she had to stop listening to the naysayers and had to be willing to do something that she had never done. She invites us not to let ourselves get in the way of who we are, because our ideas are us’ – Angela Guidolin


‘This resonates in so many ways, thank you so much Emily. I love your eccentricity and imagination and the way you have mixed it into your talk is ‘sound!’ You have given me hope I have an issue with drifting off and having unusual ideas and not being able to fit them into a structure that is consistent enough to be productive in a big way’ – Jane Irisa 


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