Call for Singers

Crossing Over: Call For Singers

By Emily Peasgood

October 2016

Crossing Over is a new choral work I am currently researching and developing. Marking the anniversary of approximately 140 enslaved Africans on the slave ship Zong on 29 November 1781, Crossing Over will reference the transatlantic slave trade and the crossing over of migrants into the United Kingdom. Crossing Over will premiere at 4pm on 29 November at Turner Contemporary. I am currently seeking Thanet based singers, or aspiring singers, to take part and contribute towards the work, including people who have experiences of migration. Singers will perform Crossing Over alongside Bigmouth Chorus, a community choir I lead at Dreamland, Margate. Any person aged 16 and over is invited to take part and I am especially interested in hearing from Arts Award participants who might like to develop their performance skills or be involved in other arts-based roles that contribute towards the performance. There is no audition, you do not need to be an experienced singer, and all are welcome.


The Refugee Boat (2015) by OP Freuler

The Refugee Boat (2015) by OP Freuler. Image used with kind permission of the artist.


Singers will need to be available for:

Singers will be provided with:


If you would like to take part, please contact me by 14th October 2016 at: or by telephoning 07749 115 484.
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