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Buy Phentermine Website - Buy Phentermine Overseas

Buy Phentermine Website - Buy Phentermine Overseas

Sidney Cooper’s Living Room (2019) is a surround sound installation created to celebrate the history of the Sidney Cooper Gallery since it was founded 150 years ago. In the small ground floor front room—part of Sidney Cooper’s former home— his living room has been reimagined to form an interactive tableau featuring the recorded voices of people sharing memories and stories about the gallery, its value as an art space in the local community, and Sidney Cooper himself.

Materials: 6 speakers, recorded voices, sound effects, selected artworks and artefacts. 

Commissioned by Sidney Cooper Gallery for Phentermine Pills Buy (solo exhibition).

Buy Phentermine Website - Buy Phentermine Overseas


Images by Katie McGown

Can I Buy Phentermine In Australia Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy

Can I Buy Phentermine In Australia Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy

2 responses to “Sidney Cooper’s Living Room (2019)”

  1. Jeremy Spon says:

    This was a lovely installation. Such a shame it now stands as a memorial to a much-loved facility, now closed and soon to be taken over by the Marlowe Trust, with no future public access.

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