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12 Jan – 23 February 2019

LIVING SOUND is the first solo exhibition of artist and composer Emily Peasgood. The exhibition brings together several recent works as well as a new commission inspired by the social and cultural history of the Sidney Cooper Gallery. Peasgood uses intricate sound and technology design to create immersive and interactive public art installations that draw upon the often forgotten and under-valued narratives of her sites. Her process often involves working with communities to gather and perform the material that informs her work.

The main gallery space will be dominated by Requiem for Crossbones, an interactive, site-specific sound installation, choral work and series of sculptures, originally commissioned for the 2018 Merge Festival in London’s Southbank. The exhibition will also feature Sidney Cooper’s Living Room, a newly commissioned sound installation created to celebrate the history of the gallery since it was founded 150 years ago. In the small ground floor front room—part of Sidney Cooper’s former home— his living room will be recreated into an interactive tableau featuring the recorded voices of local people sharing memories and stories about the gallery, its value as an art space in the local community, and Sidney Cooper himself.

LIVING SOUND pushes the boundaries of multi-disciplinary interactive sound installation. Through the work on show, visitors will be able to interact with a series of sound installations that respond to their physical presence. Inspired by people and experienced in the moment, Peasgood creates work that is described as magical, evocative and memorable.

Emily Peasgood (born in Grimsby) is a BASCA award-winning composer and artist. From interactive sound works for galleries and public spaces to intimate installations and large-scale community projects, her work uses intricate sound and technology design to focus on creating a connection between people and locations that have become forgotten and unvalued, often rooted in political realities.

Phentermine Pills Buy

Exhibition continues until Saturday 23 February. The exhibition is open on Tuesday – Friday from 10.30am – 5:00pm and on Saturday from 11.30pm – 5:00pm. The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday.

The Sidney Cooper Gallery is located in the heart of Canterbury at 22-23 St Peters Street, Canterbury, CT1 2BQ.

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