Smack Boys (2019)

21-28 July, 2019 | Sailor’s Church, Military Road, Ramsgate

Smack Boys (2019) pays homage to the smack boys of Ramsgate. The smack boys were child apprentices of the fishing smacks, some aged as young as ten years old. The smack boys were as young as ten years old, and when ashore they lived and rested above the Sailor’s Church, and later in the Home for Smack Boys next door. Smack Boys brings the smack boys back to life through sound, voices, games and song, situated within a larger choral work. It is experienced through 11 speakers in and around the Sailor’s Church and creates the sense of a time we know little about in living memory; a soothing lullaby to the Smack Boys of Ramsgate.

Smack Boys was commissioned by Ramsgate Festival and featured as part of the Sonic Trail in Ramsgate Festival of Sound. Download the Smack Boys e-flyer.




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Exhibition details

Dates: Sunday 21-Sunday 28 July, 12pm-4pm.

Location: Sailors’ Church and Former Sailors’ Home, Military Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9LG



2 responses to “Smack Boys (2019)”

  1. James and Monica says:

    Dear Emily,
    my partner and I were not able to hear your ‘smack boys’ installation – we arrived when a talk was scheduled.
    We have tried to listen on-line but cannot hear anything on the KCC library computers that we use.
    Would it be possible to email us a bit of it, maybe?
    love the rubber chickens,thank you
    James and Monica,
    Trove Court, Ramsgate

    • identicon Emily says:

      Hi James and Monica,
      I will be uploading some sound samples from the installation within the next 7 days. Please do check in!
      I’m glad you like the rubber chickens!

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