Emily Peasgood (born 1981 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire) is an award-winning composer and sound artist. She creates research-led music and interactive sound works for galleries and public spaces, ranging from large-scale community events to intimate sound installations. Emily's work explores current affairs, politics, community and connecting people with places that have become forgotten or ignored. Her work has been described as magical (The Times), evocative (The Telegraph), and memorable (A-N). Emily views her work as pushing the boundaries of what music and sound is believed to be, from the venue it is experienced in to the people who perform it. Her work is often multi-disciplinary, including literature, visual art, and sign language interpreters to engage people in more ways than sound and music alone.  Read more.
Emily Peasgood is a composer and sound artist who aims to challenge what music is believed to be, from the venue it is performed in to the people who perform it. Full biography.


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